House Republicans Threatened The Wrong CEO While Attempting To Shut Down Data Collection Related To Jan 6.

House Republicans have a lot on their minds right now, what with doing everything they can to avoid any further investigations into the Capitol insurrection of January 6th and what part some of their own members might have played in egging on protestors. So it makes sense that, in their desperate bid to beg petition the world’s biggest tech companies to not share any of the private communications of the particular individuals the House select committee has requested be turned over, they didn’t have time to confirm the best people to contact about these matters. Case in point: The September 3rd letter a group of 11 House Republicans sent to Marissa Mayer, the president and CEO of Yahoo!… who hasn’t been president and/or CEO of Yahoo! since June 2017, when she left the company.

As Mediaite reports, the letter states that:

The 11 Republicans – Jim Banks, (IN), Andy Biggs (AZ), Lauren Boebert (CO), Mo Brooks (AL), Madison Cawthorn (NC), Matt Gaetz (FL), Louie Gohmert (TX), Paul Gosar (AZ), Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Jody Hice (GA), Scott Perry (PA) – are seeking to prevent companies from cooperating with records requests and subpoenas as part of the select committee’s investigation.

“You are receiving this letter because news reports indicate that your company received a request to turn over your clients’ private and confidential data to Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives,” the letter begins.

How many people read this letter before it was sent? And not one of them recalled the big deal that was made four years ago when Mayer left her role?

One person whose signature was noticeably absent was that of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, whose communications are among those being sought by the committee. While he didn’t sound off here with his fellow GOPers, he has otherwise been a very vocal opponent of this committee and all it stands for… or all it stands to learn.

According to the letter, obtained by Mediate, the Three Gormless Gs (Gaetz, Gohmert, and Greene) and their equally deluded cohorts claim that “Congress has no general power to inquire into private affairs and to compel disclosure in order to expose for the sake of exposure,” and threatens that they “will pursue all legal remedies” if private information is turned over to the government body investigating an outright coup on the Capitol building.

So, surely they have nothing to hide, right?

(Via Mediaite)