This Fool Sneaking Up On A Hungry Fox Gets Exactly What He Deserves

I am not sure what this guy was trying to accomplish by sneaking up on a clearly hungry and skinny fox that was scoping out his neighbor’s chicken coop. It’s not like he was trying to scare it away or anything, so did he need proof of the fox’s existence for some reason? I think a picture taken from a safe distance would have more than sufficed.

So, it goes without saying that the fox — which I will remind you all is an unpredictable wild animal — was not so jazzed when it realized someone was sneaking up on it, which resulted in the most phenomenal noise ever that came out of the guy’s mouth. “WAHHHHHGBLAHHOHHHAHHHH!” Actually, I wish more people acted like idiots around wild animals.

Sadly, in an accompanying article from Dutch News (where the “attack” took place) linked in the video description, it says that he guy then called in pest control experts who took the fox away and had it put down. Authorities think the fox may have been sick because foxes don’t normally go after human beings, but, really, the possibility of a rabid fox is just more reason why you shouldn’t sneak up on foxes.