Meme Watch: Hungry Kim Jong-Un Wants You To Tell Him About This Delicious Meme Cake

I ran across these last week, but since I didn’t have Valentine’s Day cards prepared for you guys yet I decided to hold off until today to deliver them. This presented quite the challenge, because not only is Kim Jong-Un mistaking things for cake one of my top five things going right now, but also because the recent rumors of his death made him looking at cake quite topical, at least from my perspective. But the hell if I was going to let congruence ruin my VD plans.

Kim Jong-Un is still alive and surveying the countryside for baked goods, btw. I predict big things ahead for him and the internet. He’s only been in power a couple of months and — for my money — he’s already out comedy’d his father looking at things and/or dropping the bass. It’s funny because he’s the fat dictator of a starving country you see.

The first six cake confusion images — presumably made by this guy — are my hands down my favorites, but I’ve included some confused and hungry Kim Jong-Un variations from Quickmeme for good measure. I encourage all of you to print out as many as you like and share with your friends and family today.

“You are the cake to my brilliant leader. Happy Valentine’s Day.” – Maske

Sources: King C and Quickmeme