You Should Watch This Iranian Breakdancing Video From 1991

I really hope I don’t need to say anything more than “this is a nine-minute Youtube video titled ‘Breakdancing in Iran 1991′” to convince you guys to click play, but just in case I do:

– It opens with a dude who has a righteous mustache (and what appears to be an American flag jean jacket with the collar popped) turning away from the camera, putting sunglasses on, then dramatically turning back around and doing a robot/snake dance all over the carpeted floor.

– Then a second guy who looks kind of like Charlie Chaplin rushes the floor and joins him.

– Then a guy with an acid-washed jean jacket that has black tassles hanging off the back comes out and they all start spinning.

– Then, at the 5:45 mark, a man who uses the same type of crutches as Walter, Jr. from Breaking Bad makes his way to the center of the dance floor, and he does this.

If YouTube had been invented 20 years ago, I really feel like this video could have gone a long way toward improving U.S.-Middle East relations. Hell, it still can. Give peace a chance. And jean jackets.

(h/t @MrButterChicken)