‘Hyperbole And A Half’ Returns! Allie Brosh Takes Us On A Poignant Journey Through Depression.

Allie Brosh is the artist behind beloved webcomic Hyperbole and a Half, and she also has the distinction of inspiring the X all the Y meme with her comedic take on adulthood. From her we’ve learned about coping with awkward situations and moving with dogs. Sadly, for the past 18 months she’s been taking a leave of absence from her blog to deal with clinical depression. Here’s an interview with Brosh from a few years ago. We defy you not to love her.

Now here’s the great news. Geekosystem tipped us that Brosh would be returning to Hyperbole And A Half, and now she’s updated the blog with a fantastic comic which has already garnered over 3000 comments at this writing. In it, she explores her journey from numbness and suicidal hopelessness back to a better place where laughter is possible again.

Just read it. We’ll wait.

Clinical depression is a terrible thing, and I speak from personal experience. It’s awe-inspiring to see someone explain it so thoughtfully while still on that long journey back from Everything-is-bullsh!t Land. And, of course, if you read her comic thinking you’re stuck in that hole where other people’s positivity is meant to taunt you, it gets better.