Ice-T Boldly Asked, ‘What The F Is WOKE???’ And People Had A Field Day

After over 500 episodes and 25 seasons, it’s no surprise that Law and Order: SVU has to get creative with some of the cases. Not every crime is a cut-and-dry murder or kidnapping case, sometimes it’s more complex, like a father leaving his child in the hands of a Times Square character so the police don’t question him for holding a woman hostage in a cage. You know, New York things. These are just the basic facts that SVU fans have grown used to, though not everyone is on board.

Ice T, who has been on the show since season two, responded to a Twitter user who claimed that Law and Order: SVU was becoming “woke” after nearly 25 years of eclectic New York City crimes, most of which were based on real headlines. In response to the since-deleted post, Ice said: “Lol…. What the F is WOKE….??? lol,” says the man who released “COP KILLER” in 1992.

The responses continued, with one “fan” claiming that SVU is “a propaganda vessel” that’s brainwashing the minds of the American people. This made Mr. Ice pretty confused, and when he’s confused he just gets angry, as we know by the lyrics to the aforementioned “COP KILLER.” He also clarified that he doesn’t write the show, so the content isn’t up to him. He just collects his paycheck and hangs out with Mariska Hargitay.

Luckily, T doesn’t really care what you think of him. After a few exchanges, he made it clear he was done with the haters. Hopefully, he washed his hands, though.