If Great-Grandpa Wants To Be Batman, Then Let Him Be Batman

06.30.11 8 years ago 2 Comments


By all accounts, 74-year-old Evesham, Worcestershire, resident Brian Vann may very well believe he is The Caped Crusader. After all, the great-grandfather has transformed his mobility scooter into something that looks kind of like the Batmobile. No need for dementia here.

Wrinkly Bruce Wayne cackled to Metro Online:

‘People drive past in their cars and stop when they see me, get out, and ask for a photo,’

‘I feel like a bit of a celebrity. I know how the Beckhams must feel when I go out in my Batmobile. If it brings a smile to people’s faces, then it’s done the job.’

So I guess the real lesson learned here today is from criminals who cannot outrun an 8 mph electric scooter covered in scrap metal. But at least one thing is for certain: the moment I turn 74 I’m moving to Evesham and cruising the neighborhoods in Wonder Woman’s invisible plane. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to wear the outfit too.

Boots and all.

[via blastr]

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