If Your 5 Favorite Memes Offered Online Degrees

The Internet is an idea engine, hooking hundreds of thousands of brains together in parallel, and then discovering that most of them have nothing better to do. The result is a font of creative insanity which can keep you busy forever, an eternal distraction engine, or a huge repository of information. You have the ability learn about jet engines or get an online accounting degree and educate yourself about almost anything.

But what if you accidentally crossed the streams and tried to do both? If you combine memes with higher education, there’s no accounting for what kind of degree you might end up with.

My Little Pony

Advanced Brony – Friendship is (Networking) Magic

My Little Pony is one of the latest and most unexpected internet success stories, with vast fellowships more likely to be seen shouting about Transformers or GI Joe declaring themselves “Bronies” and declaring that friendship is magic. This certainly works for online degrees, or any social media scene, where networking has become an essential, business strategy, and success story all in one. The more connections you have, the more likely you are to succeed, especially if you call it friendship instead of synergizing your crowd-web potentiality.

Scumbag Steve

Scumbag Steve is the embodiment of everything you never want to be. From the fecal color scheme to the douchebag attitude, massively amplified by balancing a hat at the exact sideways angle of a-hole, you just know he’s never done anything worthwhile. If he goes online it’s to shout homophobic slurs at people who beat him at videogames and misspell swearwords in the YouTube comments section. If he were to offer an online course, it would be in “You don’t want to be like this”-ship, and he absolutely hates online accounting degrees. Because he doesn’t want anyone keeping track of all the money he borrowed and never gave back.

Yo Dawg

Yo Dawg, we heard you like being online – so we put your school there too

Xzibit’s Yo Dawg is all about putting things into other things to make both better and the user even happier, and that’s what online degrees are all about. Online education has huge advantages for both – you can study from anywhere, earning a degree in anything from accounting to zoology, and the online experience is improved too because you’re doing something worthwhile instead of looking at pictures of Xzibit with photo shopped text.

Though it’s not impossible to do both…



ALL THE THINGS isn’t just a meme, it’s a life strategy in picture form. The sheer excitement of the character, in far too much of an adrenalized hurry to even use a proper program, hastily scribbled in Microsoft Paint just to get the incredible idea down and out into the world. Where it spread like wildfire. Whether you’re eating, drinking, cleaning, watching, reading, or whatever else, you must do it for ALL THE THINGS! You must not be scared of new experiences! You must not fall back on old habits! You must dare to widen your horizons, try new things, and improve your life in every direction!

This meme is better for you than most self-help books, and far faster.

Business Cat

It’s time for the accounts – I’m accounting the invisible specks only I can see right in front of my face

If ever there was a meme which knew business, it’s business cat. It’s kind of obvious, but a match made in heaven – computers are good at numbers and the internet’s second-favorite thing is cute cats. The first favorite if you only count the safe for work stuff.