FYI, Get Your Law License Before You Copyright Troll

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The courts have been taking an increasingly dim view of copyright trolling, and good for them. But today we bring you a story not of outrage, but of hilarity. It also happens to demonstrate what, ah, caliber of lawyer these types of cases tend to attract.

The “lawyer” in question is Terik Hashmi of Florida, who, when confronted with allegations he had no license by the judge, just flat-out admitted it, something that the judge pointed out was a third-degree felony. The judge dismissed all twenty-seven lawsuits Hashmi had filed, and told the porn companies that if they wanted to pursue the case, they’d need to refile the lawsuits entirely.

Judge Hinkle’s order dismissing the cases was scathing. He noted that Hashmi had previously signed an affidavit with the Florida bar in which he “swore that he understood that holding himself out as authorized to practice law in Florida would constitute contempt of the Florida Supreme Court and a third-degree felony.”

Hinkle also said that Hashmi “swore that he understood that it would constitute the unlicensed practice of law to hold himself out as an attorney or as able to render legal advice or services; to offer legal services to others; or to collect fees for legal services. The assertion that Mr. Hashmi thought he could properly undertake to represent these plaintiffs in these cases…is plainly unfounded.”

We hear Lionel Hutz is available.

(Image courtesy Xurble via Flickr)

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