This First Look At The Gameplay From ‘Injustice 2’ Raises The Bar For Superhero Slobberknockers

Injustice 2 was revealed earlier in the week ahead of E3 and it gave us a glimpse at DC’s greatest heroes doing battle once again. We got our first look at the new power armor that seems to be the focal point of the game, but now we get to see how the entire thing looks in action.

This gameplay trailer, courtesy of Kotaku, gives us a look at new characters like Atrocitus, Gorilla Grodd, Supergirl, and Black Manta. Grodd was a background character in the first game, but now players will get a chance to unleash him on their friends. It’s also odd that Supergirl and Black Manta are just now showing up in Injustice, considering how many characters finally appeared in the first game.

Returning is also Superman and Batman, since it wouldn’t be a DC Comics game with them, and Aquaman. We also found that The Flash would be included thanks to the announcement trailer. The only hope is that this game doesn’t become too repetitive after a few playthroughs like the original game. Blasting your opponent into space as Superman is fun, but it gets old pretty quickly. Judging from the gameplay footage here, these special moves and cutscenes have been amplified to be more grand than before, like Supergirl blasting Atrocitus through some asteroids using her heat vision.

Also noted by Kotaku is the appearance of Dex-Starr on Atrocitus’ shoulder. With the amount of superpowered animals we have in the DC Comics universe, maybe there will be a special pet mode in this sequel. Can’t wait to pit Krypto against Dex-Starr in an all-out hissing contest. So much blood.

(Via Kotaku / Warner Bros.)