Stripping Naked In A Mall Is An Acceptable Response To Not Getting An iPhone

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The “1984” spot. Think Different. That terrible commercial with U2. Apple has done some pretty iconic advertising over the years, but I gotta admit, this new spot is their best yet. The whole thing is filmed from the perspective of a security camera. It shows a woman having a heated conversation with a man over an iPhone 6s, and then she takes her clothes off and… oh, it’s not an ad, but something that actually happened in a Chinese shopping mall.

Totally appropriate response to not getting the iPhone 6s.

After reportedly failing to persuade her boyfriend to buy her the latest gadget, the woman, who was caught on camera in a shopping centre in China, decided she had only one option. And that option was to strip completely naked in front of hundreds of other shoppers.

The woman can be seen exchanging words with her partner before tearing her clothes off and throwing them onto the floor. Her unimpressed boyfriend walks away, but she soon follows, pushing him several times. (Via Mirror)

Strip different.

(Via Mirror)

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