Get Ready To Chant 'USA! USA! USA!' At These 'Iron Man 3' Set Photos

These colors don’t run, hoss.

Just a couple of days ago we learned James Badge Dale (World War Z, The Lone Ranger) had signed to play Eric Savin (AKA Coldblood) in Iron Man 3. We also learned the movie seems to have at least four villains: the aforementioned Coldblood, Ben Kingsley as maybe not the Mandarin, Guy Pearce as Dr. Aldrich Killian, and Ashley Hamilton as Firepower.

Now we have a surprising update — via on-set photos — about what they’re doing with the Coldblood character. Quit reading and don’t look at the pictures below if you don’t want to know too much. It turns out they’re combining Coldblood with the Iron Patriot to make the character a good guy who turns bad, all while circumventing Sony’s rights to the Norman Osborn character:

In the comics, Savin is a soldier who loses both legs to a land mine. Those are replaced with cybernetic legs and he eventually becomes the cyborg mercenary Coldblood. Yet here we see Savin in the Iron Patriot armor, and my sources (wikipedia) tell me that’s different, and originally worn by Norman Osborn. Osborn, of course, is part of Spider-Man, which belongs to Sony, meaning Disney can’t use him here in Iron Man, so it would seem they’re gonna have Savin start out good (Iron Patriot) and then turn bad (Coldblood). He’s expected to team up with a second cyborg named Firepower, both of whom are under the orders of The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and Dr. Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce). [WWTDD]

Too many villains, you guys. On the other hand, USA! USA! USA!

Check out some pictures of James Badge Dale as the star-bellied Sneetch Iron Patriot below:

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More pictures available at WWTDD and TheSuperficial.

Banner image courtesy of Marvel.