Is John Mayer A Factor In Giada DeLaurentiis’ Upcoming Divorce?

Many people were surprised to hear the news earlier this week that Food Network star Giada DeLaurentiis and her husband, Todd Thompson (the man with the most American name ever) were getting a divorce. Though the relationship had its up and downs like many, the divorce wasn’t something people saw coming. Sort of like this next plot twist that is about to get thrown into the mix.

Rumors are now surfacing that singer-songwriter (and infamous friender of the ladies) John Mayer may have allegedly hooked up with the star in 2010. US Magazine reported on the incident back when it (may or may not have) happened at a club, ironically called The Boom Boom Room:

“Giada was leaning with her back against the wall, and John was right up against her,” the source told the magazine. “Giada was holding his hand and she just had a huge grin on her face. John had one hand on the small of her back. They looked like two people who were going to go home together.”

At this point, it should be known that this is all purely speculation and we cannot be sure it is relevant to the divorce at all. The one thing we all do know, John Mayer has a way with the ladies, and perhaps Giada had a recipe that night that called for a little extra “Mayer”nnaise. Sorry, that joke had to be made.

More on this story as it comes to a boil. Sorry, that bad food pun had to be made, too.


Story Via Radar