It Took Five Months For This Guy To Discover His Ex-Roommate’s ‘Surprise.’ Worth It.

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09.19.14 6 Comments

What’s the best long con you’ve ever pulled? I’m as impatient as a thirsty baby looking at Sofia Vergara, so no matter how many weeks I think I can do something like what the Braves did with Jeff Francoeur, I can’t. The same goes for jokes, so props to this guy and his impressive patience.

Five months ago, my roommate John moved out. I haven’t been in his room since then, however this week, behind a tiny door that accesses a water valve, we found a little surprise.

Here it is.

After sending him a confused text, he replied by saying “You found it! My secret ‘stache!” He has been waiting five months to make that pun.

Worth it.

Via Reddit

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