It Turns Out Rob Huebel Was Filming All Your Embarrassing ‘Call Of Duty’ Deaths All Along

Activision likes to make them some live-action Call of Duty trailers and honestly, most of them are kind of lame. Thankfully this latest one for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is actually pretty clever – Rob Huebel (you might remember him as Magneto from the Pete Holmes X-Men sketches and from Human Giant) plays Randall Higgins: KillCameraman, aka the guy who films that depressing shot you get every time you’re fragged in Call of Duty multiplayer. I’m afraid I keep ol’ Randall pretty busy whenever I dare to pick up a CoD game.

Hmmmm, so am I the only one who wants to set aside the gun and play as the KillCameraman in a future Call of Duty game? I think trying to capture good, artful shots in the middle of a typical CoD war zone would be a legitimately fresh challenge.

via GameSpot