It's A Good Month For Delayed Movies: 'Solomon Kane' Headed To US Screens

Yesterday we told you that you’ll finally be able to throw some money at Joe Dante’s Hole.

Apparently September is “orphaned movie release month”, because word has just come down that Solomon Kane will actually be getting a theatrical release in the US. It’s coming out the same weekend as The Hole, in fact: September 28th. Hey, Looper is coming out then, too.

Kane, for those unfamiliar, was a Puritan created by Robert E. Howard. The stories are Howard all the way: They may not necessarily have the energy of his Conan work, but they’re definitely his. Generally Kane fights pirates or vampires. The movie is more faithful in spirit than in text, but it’s still pretty cool looking:

It was critically well received and did OK at the box office in Europe… but that was nearly two years ago. It seems nobody involved has any idea why a mid-budget action movie couldn’t find a distributor in the US, let alone land a home video release, but that’s what happened.

Why did the logjam break? I’ve got no idea. My gut tells me it was a matter of rights issues: The movie was put together using a funding model where you sell the distribution rights country by country, and there may have been some dispute as to who owned the American rights.

I do know that this is on the way to being pretty much a total botch: the only word that the movie is even coming to theaters came from the director’s blog. They’re not even cutting a new trailer, apparently.

It’ll be a limited release that only goes to major cities. The good news is, if you’d like to see it and can’t make the theater, you can catch it on VOD.

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