It’s Nazis, Nazis Everywhere In The Latest ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ Trailer

The latest Wolfenstein game takes place in a world where the Nazis won man. So, what happens to the world under Nazi rule? Well, according to the latest Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer, things don’t change all that much — people still kiss nurses in Times Square after the war, mankind goes to the moon, a famous photograph of four guys crossing Abbey Road still exists — the difference is the people doing all these things are now Nazis in full military regalia!  Silly!

Hit the jump for the trailer…

Oh, by the way, this was trailer was released on the anniversary of D-day — you know, the massive Allied storming of Europe in which many soldiers died fighting the real Nazis (aka, the guys too busy running concentration camps to pose for funny pictures).

Bethesda claims this is just a coincidence and they had no idea D-day happened on June 6th. I’m not particularly offended since this game is clearly not to be taken terribly seriously, but come on — maybe at least do a quick browse of the World War II Wikipedia page sometime during the making of your game about the Nazis winning World War II.

via Kotaku