J.K. Simmons’ Trainer Explains The Fitness Regimen That Got His Client So Ripped

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06.10.16 6 Comments

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You may have happened across these jaw-dropping photos of J.K. Simmons floating around on the internet this week, preparing for his role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League as Commissioner Jim Gordon, because apparently even Commissioner Gordon needs to be ripped like a superhero these days. As we previously mentioned, Simmons has been training with with former U.S. Marine Aaron Williamson, a fitness guru who has previously worked with the likes of Zac Efron and The Rock, to achieve his new look.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Williamson after the photos surfaced this week, and he shared some tips on how he transformed the 61-year-old actor into basically Rick from that episode of Rick and Morty when he gets all jacked with Summer. Williamson first met Simmons on the set of Terminator: Genisys, but says it was when the actor was preparing for Whiplash that he wanted to “take things to the next level.” He says that his client’s initial motivating factor was just being able to play a character who wears a tank top. We think he’s good on that front!

How does Simmons’ physique relate to Justice League? Sadly, we don’t get any answers on that front.

As far as the whole Justice League stuff goes, if he is trying to get ready for something in that arena, I’m not aware of it and he never shared it with me. I’m only training with him as a friend and client and helping him achieve what he’s trying to achieve with his new physique.

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