James Franco, Sans Pants, Leads This Round Up Of Celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges

08.19.14 4 years ago


I think the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is finally winding down. After Charlie Sheen pretty much ruined it for everyone yesterday by being as Charlie Sheen as possible (and on that note, relax everyone: yes he’s donating $10 grand to charity, but he’s still a giant buffoon) and Dave Grohl dropped the mic earlier today — I think the internet is finally ready to move onto the next thing. But not before we quick run through some of the celebrity challenges that you may have missed today — none of which necessarily deserved their own post, so we’re lumping them all together here.

James Franco did the Ice Bucket Challenge wearing no pants and holding a piece of paper with the names of his nominees over his wiener, because I don’t know what else you’d expect from him:

Ben Affleck got ice water dumped on him by wife Jennifer Garner who he then tossed in the pool while one of their children adorably laughed and squealed in delight, since they are the cutest people ever:

LeeAnn Rimes has never shot anyone or attacked a hooker, but her Ice Bucket Challenge is somehow still like a thousand times more obnoxious than Charlie Sheen’s:

Steve-O initially did not seem to entirely understand the point of the challenge (and amazingly his ice bucket was not filled with piranhas or cow urine or anything like that) but as it turns out he just thinks celebrities should have been more proactive about the “charity” part:

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