Jamie Lee Curtis Went Undercover As A ‘Street Fighter’ Character To EVO 2015

Who knew Jamie Lee Curtis was such a cool mom? Well, who knew aside from horror and grindhouse movie fans of the 80s (and the folks who read this post). The hint was there just looking at her film career, but this set of photos featuring Curtis and family at EVO 2015 proves it.

Curtis went undercover at the event dressed as the deadly Vega (Balrog for you Japanese gamers), joining the rest of the family in celebration of her son’s graduation.

We’ve got This Is Spinal Tap and Best In Show genius Christopher Guest as Doctor Bosconovitch from the Tekken series, joined by the other members of her family dressed as Makoto and D.J. from the Street Fighter series. It’s a true hodge podge of character choices, but it’s still damn cool.

(Via Jamie Lee Curtis / Polygon)