Jared Fogle Was Reportedly Targeted For Attack For Being A ‘Teacher’s Pet’ In Prison

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As has been documented, Jared Fogle is having quite the rough time in prison. Not only has he reportedly put on a good deal of weight, but he also faced quite a beating at the hands of another inmate. But according to the latest report by TMZ, it wasn’t always supposed to be this way for Fogle. Either prison guards were hoping that someone would take advantage of their kindness or they were attempting to set Fogle up with some special treatment.

This backfired, of course, and it may have been the main factor behind the vicious beating we read about earlier in the week:

We’ve learned prison staff told the inmates before Fogle arrived at Englewood Correctional facility that he would be arriving in late December and that no one should mess with him.

Our sources say the staff made it clear … anyone who attacked or harassed Fogle would be dealt with harshly.

That was enough for Steven Nigg, the 60-year-old inmate who beat Fogle up weeks after his arrival. We’re told Nigg resented Fogle because the staff made him seem “untouchable”

Fogle is in a low security facility currently and there’s no word on if he will be moved following the latest reports. The former Subway spokesman is currently serving a fifteen year sentence for sex crimes against minor.

There’s been no additional information released about Steven Nigg aside from his “non-violent” history before running into Fogle. One would think he will be receiving some extra attention all around thanks to the incident.

(Via TMZ)

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