People Are Not Happy About Jared Leto’s Netflix Yakuza Film ‘The Outsider’

02.24.18 1 year ago 11 Comments


On Thursday, the trailer for Jared Leto’s new Netflix offering The Outsider tumbled out into the world. The promo was a touch moody and decidedly violent, but it was the concept that had a lot of folks feeling queasy. In particular, the seemingly unshakeable trend of making a white guy the star of a film set in Asia with non-white actors playing support.

The Outsider (which was once lined up as a potential Tom Hardy and Takashi Miike joint) features Leto playing a World War II soldier that is indebted to the Yakuza following the war and joins the ranks of the crime syndicate to carry out their bidding and occasionally shoot a handful of his enemies. The film’s emergence has turned off a lot of people on Twitter for a number of reasons, although the main issue is with the film is making an American the focus of a crime film set in Japan. Leto’s Oscar-winning and heavily criticized Dallas Buyers Club performance hasn’t earned him much goodwill in the representation department either.

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