Jeff Goldblum To Be First-Time Father Of Baby Boy At 62 Years Old

In some exciting news, actor with the awesome laugh, Jeff Goldbum, is going to be a first-time father at 62 years old. He and his gymnast wife, Emilie Livingston, are set to be the proud parents of a little boy. The couple (who wed in November, in what was called a lovely and low-key ceremony) could hardly hold back their excitement during a recent appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. 

Goldblum told Letterman he found out one day before he and his wife got married, and seemed like he couldn’t be more delighted with the news. It’s a boy, and his name as of right now is Elliot Charlie. The kid already sounds worldly and hasn’t even been born yet. Super props to Goldblum for deciding to go all “dad” at 62. Most men have thrown up their hands by that point, and he’s just getting started.

Plus, with a gymnast for a mom and Jeff Goldblum for a dad, those genes are going to be something special.

Via UsWeekly