Jenna Ellis Is Now Selling The Smiliest Mugshot Merchandise That You Will Ever See

It’s safe to say that Jenna Ellis did not anticipate this type of outcome when agreeing to become part of Donald Trump’s so-called “Legal Strike Force” to prove (nonexistent) voter fraud and overturn the election. First off, that effort was not successful. Secondly, Jenna might have caught Covid-19 from a Rudy fart. And third, she’s now one of the indicted Trump co-defendants in Fulton County, Georgia. There’s been plenty of speculation on whether Jenna will flip on Trump after he left her high and dry for legal defense bills.

Yet at least Jenna can make a few bucks while selling the smiliest mugshot merch ever, which can now be seen below.

Also, at least Jenna didn’t end up like Kenneth Chesebro, who failed to separate his trial from that of Sidney “Kraken” Powell. That was an unfortunate card to draw for ol’ Chesebro.

Jenna also recently responded on Twitter to BlazeTV host Steve Deace, who quoted Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Salena Zito’s observations (in a piece called “Everyone’s Tired Of Politics”) that GOP voters at large tend to be far less engaged about the 2024 election than in 2016, and they’re also not keen to fly the Trump flag, literally or figuratively, any longer. And Deace suggests that this could mean a surprise victory for Trump? The article that he cites makes that conclusion in a roundabout way by apparently arguing that people simply aren’t super engaged in politics outside of Twitter, so maybe Trump has an edge after all. Hmm.

The fart-sniffing defendant seemed to agree: “I think this is accurate. I was very surprised to not see one red hat, tshirt, or Trump flag at NASCAR among all the trailers or the fans.”

I dunno, man. I don’t believe that Trump would enjoy not being on every Republican’s mind anymore. That would mean losing his “ratings,” which might be even worse to him than losing another election.