Jenna Ellis Is Reportedly Close To Flipping On Trump In Georgia After Being Forced To Crowdfund Her Legal Fees

Donald Trump‘s former attorney Jenna Ellis could flip on the former president, according to a recent report.

Ellis is one of the several co-defendants indicted in Georgia over RICO charges involving Trump’s alleged election meddling efforts. However, Trump left Ellis high and dry leaving her to crowdfund her own legal defense. Forbes report that she’s currently raised $195,000, and being left to scrounge to cover her defense could likely precede turning on Trump.

Ellis has been aggressively tweeting her thoughts about Trump, and while there’s no official indication she’s cooperating with prosecutors in Georgia, her statements don’t bode well for her old boss.

Via Newsweek:

“Trump could have issued a blanket pardon before he left office, with certain requisite conditions to be ascertained later on a case by case basis (such as non-violent individuals for instance, to foreclose pardoning anyone in your example). Why didn’t he?” she added.

In a separate X post from September 1, Ellis wrote: “Has Trump defended the J6ers [January 6, 2021 accused]? Has Trump defended the indicted lawyers? Has Trump defended the pastors jailed or threatened with fines over [former Chief Medical Advisor Anthony] Fauci’s failed covid policies Has he paid for anyone’s legal defense except himself (oh and Jason Miller’s child support lawyer)?”

Citing an August tweet from legal analyst Tristan Snell that claims Ellis is at her “tipping point” as well as comments from former Trump attorney Michael Cohen that the former president’s cheapness often screws him in court, Newsweek reports that Ellis is a likely candidate to turn on Trump.

However, in a Tuesday afternoon tweet, Ellis criticized the speculation that she’s ready to cooperate with Fulton County D.A. Fani Wills. While Ellis did not dispute the claim, she simply stated that any information regarding her actions will come from her or her legal team.

“Raw Story and Newsweek have reliably informed you that I’ve apparently reached my ‘tipping point’ because they consulted a ‘legal analyst’ — a leftist MSNBC commentator I don’t know and I have never spoken to. This kind of ridiculous speculation is what passes for journalism. 🙄” Ellis tweeted. “Note for the peanut gallery: Anything genuine happening with me in the Georgia matter will come directly from me or my lawyers.”

(Via Newsweek, Forbes)