The Anticipated Mugshots For Rudy Giuliani (Depressed), Jenna Ellis (Not Depressed), And Sidney Powell (You Be The Judge) Now Exist

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment when Rudy Giuliani’s legacy fully evaporated. Was it during his cameo in Borat 2? The Four Seasons Landscaping debacle? When hair dye melted on his face during a press conference? Whatever your pick might be, Rudy certainly lost the “America’s Mayor” title long ago. Or perhaps “MAGA’s Mayor” is a better term now.

Rudy, along with Jenna Ellis and Sydney Powell, has now surrendered at the Fulton County jail. This definitely looks like a man who is miffed about those Trump-fueled legal fees coming his way.

Whereas Jenna Ellis looks like she’s back into “live laugh love” mode.

Also! Here is the rest of the gang, other than Trump. It’s the most uncool rogues’ gallery ever.

Trump, for his part, is expected to surrender on Thursday. He has claimed that he will be “proudly” doing his fourth (alleged) perp walk. Meanwhile, everyone can watch and wait to see if either of these (alleged) co-conspirators will turn on Trump. Rudy knows where all of the (again, alleged) RICO details are buried, and this is a guy who has bragged about knowing RICO all too well. So, Trump might be a bit apprehensive on that note. That will especially be the case if no one shows up to that high-rolling, $100,000 per head fundraiser that he decided to go ahead and hold for Rudy’s legal fees.

If there’s anyone left out there who owes Trump an expensive favor, they will probably be receiving that call soon.