Jimmy Kimmel Thinks The Coronavirus Has A ‘Sense Of Humor’ After Another Trump Lawyer Tested Positive For COVID

Donald Trump’s lawyer Jenna Ellis, who had the unfortunate honor of sitting next to Rudy Giuliani (“POOTY GHOULIANI”) when he ripped a fart during a hearing, has tested positive for COVID-19. It’s hard to imagine how she caught it! Ellis, who once tweeted, “There is no pandemic,” attended a “Christmas party designated for senior staff on Friday,” according to CNN. “She regularly does not wear a mask when she is at the White House… Giuliani and Ellis have frequently appeared maskless while crisscrossing the country in recent weeks to advance Trump’s baseless election fraud claims.”

It was prime material for the late-night hosts to, ahem, rip into, including Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Jimmy Kimmel who joked, “Rudy Giuliani tested positive over the weekend, and today we learned that Trump’s other lawyer, Jenna Ellis, seen here seated virus-adjacent, has COVID, too. Did she get it from Mayor Tooty? Well, we’ll never know, I guess.” Kimmel also brought up that some senior Trump officials are upset that she attended the party, but “why were they at the party?! Why did you have the party in the first place?! Of course, this Jenna Ellis, just a few months ago she tweeted, ‘There is no pandemic.’ So… I’m starting to think the virus may have a sense of humor about all this.”

You can watch the clip above.