Jenna Jameson Reveals She’s Able To Use A Walker While Recovering From ‘Mystery Illness’

At the beginning of the year, prolific porn star Jenna Jameson revealed that she’s battling a mystery illness, which she has adamantly stated is not from the COVID vaccine. If you’re thinking, “Oh, that’s nice, Jenna Jameson doesn’t want to discourage people from getting the vaccine,” quite the opposite! She knows it’s not from the vaccine because the vocal anti-vaxxer “did NOT get the jab or any jab.”

While her mystery illness left the doctors baffled, according to Jameson’s social media posts, she appears to be recovering. In a new video posted to her Instagram Stories, the adult film star revealed that she’s now able to move around using a walker after being bed-ridden and unable to stand for several weeks. Via Page Six:

“I am still sick, as you can see. I am in bed, but I am at home which is really nice. I’ve been getting a lot of sleep. We don’t know what exactly is going on. I still am unable to stand, but I am feeling better and things are going a lot better so thank you for your support,” she said in an Instagram video.

The actress reportedly spent a month at a hospital in Hawaii receiving treatment for the illness that left her unable to walk from her bed to the bathroom without her legs giving out, according to a now-deleted Instagram post from her partner Lior Bitton.

On top of sharing Instagram Stories about her condition, Jameson has also been posting regular updates like the one below:

(Via Page Six)