Jim Caviezel Delivered A Surreal Speech At A QAnon-Friendly Convention Where He Quoted ‘Braveheart’ (Of Course)

Back in the spring, people were shocked — but honestly that shocked — that Jim Caviezel, who rose to fame for his turn in a Mel Gibson movie, was parroting QAnon conspiracy theories. So maybe this won’t be surprising either: The Passion of the Christ star delivered a speech at a convention that was lousy with QAnon talking points, and for some reason it included him quoting Braveheart.

Video of Caviezel’s 20-minute-long speech made its way to social media, and it featured him rhapsodizing the crowd at a convention called For God & Country: Patriot Double Down. It opens with him quoting William Wallace — played, of course, by his future Christ director Mel Gibson — as he tries to pump up his fellow fighting Scotsmen. (It’s the one where he yells, “You can take our lives, but you can never take our freedom.”)

What was Caviezel trying to pump the crowd up about? The QAnon conspiracy involving a global sex trafficking ring (and lizards), of course. But there was a lot of coded talk about resisting, too.

“We must fight for that authentic freedom and live, my friends,” Caviezel bellowed at a convention that was seriously held in Sin City itself, Las Vegas. “By God, we must live and with the Holy Spirit as your shield and Christ as your sword may you join Saint Michael and all the other angels in defending God and sending Lucifer and his henchmen straight back to hell where they belong.”

Caviezel ended his speech by telling the audience, “We are headed into the storm of all storms. Yes, the storm is upon us.” QAnon, as we all unfortunately know, promotes the idea of “The Storm,” in which former president Donald J. Trump would suddenly return to power and order mass arrests of the Satanic cabal that doesn’t exist.

The actor’s appearance at a QAnon-friendly convention mirrors his speech at a similar conference held in Tulsa in April, where he discussed “adenochrome,” a conspiracy theory that last year became popular with believers of QAnon and Pizzagate which involves a drug believed to be inbibed by members of this Satanic cabal they all believe isn’t fiction.