People Had Some Extreme Reactions To Learning Jim Jordan Might Be On The Jan. 6 Committee

The story Liz Cheney tells is that on the afternoon of Jan. 6, as armed Trump supporters were funneling through the Capitol, having violently broken through cordons of police officers, her Republican colleague Jim Jordan offered his hand to help her flee the premises. She swatted it away. “Get away from me,” she claimed she told him. “You f*cking did this.”

Jump some seven months later and Jordan may be on the committee examining what happened on that dark day.

According to The Washington Post, Jordan — the Ohio representative, who gleefully disseminated misinformation about the 2020 election in the weeks leading up to the failed insurrection — is one of five Republicans picked by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to look into what caused the attack. The others are fellow representatives Jim Banks (of Indiana), Rodney Davis (Illinois), Kelly Armstrong (North Dakota), and Troy Nehls (Texas).

Three of these possible candidates voted against the 2020 election results in January, including Banks, Nehls, and, of course, Jordan.

Should all five wind up with the appointment, they’ll be part of a Democrat-led committee that already includes Cheney, who was stripped of her power in the GOP after she dared speak out against Trump and the many in her party, McCarthy included, who have continued to enable him since he left office in January. The select panel is due to its first hearings later in the week, which will include testimony from the Capitol Police, many of whom begged Republicans to help unearth the causes of the attack.

Upon hearing that Jordan, of all Republicans, could be sitting on a committee meant to probe into a tragedy that he has been accused of helping foment, people on social media were livid. But it was a joke that really seemed to put it all into perspective.

Is the “hot dog driver guy” bit from I Think You Should Leave — from the first season’s eighth finest sketch, per Uproxx — the definitive joke of our age? It seems to get a lot of mileage in an age when those causing the biggest problems in the world try to project blame upon others in the most shameless fashion.

Others were suitably horrified.

Of course, Nancy Pelosi could always put a stop to that. If she so wishes.

But there’s a chance Jim Jordan could report to a select panel later this week, perhaps dressed in a brown suit with a loud yellow dress shirt and ketchup-colored tie.

(Via The Washington Post)