Liz Cheney Reportedly Smacked Jim Jordan’s Hand Away On Jan. 6, Telling Him, ‘You F*cking Did This’

Page-turning tomes about the disastrous final stretch of the Trump administration: Collect ‘em all! For weeks, extracts have been pouring from the three big forthcoming books on the subject, and a new piece by The Daily Beast does the herculean task of examining each one. And among the doubtless countless new and shocking stories that will emerge is this (as teased out by Mediaite): On the day of Jan. 6, then powerful GOP lawmaker Liz Cheney was absolutely not putting up with Trumpist colleague Jim Jordan.

This story comes from I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year, from Washington Post journalists Carol D. Leonnig and Philip Rucker. The day after the failed insurrection Cheney was speaking with Joint Chief of Staff Chair Mark Milley — himself months later to become a Republican pariah after he dared give a nuanced answer to Jordan bud Matt Gaetz — when she ripped into the representative from Ohio, who had spent the weeks since the November election spreading voter fraud lies.

“That f*cking guy Jim Jordan. That son of a b*tch,” she reportedly vented. “While these maniacs are going through the place, I’m standing in the aisle and he said ‘We need to get the ladies away from the aisle. Let me help you.’ I smacked his hand away and told him, ‘Get away from me. You f*cking did this.’”

What did Jordan do next, after being accused of endangering her life by repeatedly claiming the election had been stolen from Trump? He helped get her demoted in the House for not being loyal to a one-term president. But what else to expect from someone who hangs around with a guy being federally investigated for ties to human trafficking?

I Alone Can Fix It will be released on July 20.

(Via The Daily Beast and Mediaite)