Jimmy Carter Proves Flying Can Still Be A Delight With His Handshake Parade

2017 hasn’t been kind to airlines. A potpourri of headline-making incidents has plagued everyone from United Airlines, who to bloodied up a doctor by forcibly removing him from a flight, to American Airlines, who allegedly hit a woman with a stroller. PR professionals and corporate lawyers have been working overtime to keep the image of airlines at least acceptable in the public eye, even going so far as to pander to that guy who’s getting unlimited Wendy’s nuggets. Weird times.

Little did the airlines know, they could just bring aboard a surviving United States President and have him shake a few hundred hands to the delight of every passenger on board. In a year full of crazy and downright weird events happening in airlines across the country, finally, we have Jimmy Carter, the president we need and deserve. The man is a handshaking machine. Everyone loves it.

Look at him go, the 92-year-old is shaking hands with the knowledge that he placed his self-built peanut farm into a blind trust when he was elected President, lest he be accused of a conflict of interest from big peanut. What a guy.

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