Jimmy Kimmel Has Issued His Verdict On The Funniest Viral Clip Of 2018

It that time where everyone is counting down the best of the year, whether that be television shows, movies, music, or what have you. But with these year-end lists, one category often gets neglected, which is why Jimmy Kimmel sought out to find the best viral clip of 2018. “We have a team of four brave souls, we call them TV watchers, because they spend all day, every day watching TV and scouring the web, specifically to find clips that might amuse you,” Kimmel explained.

“And these sad and unhealthy individuals are laser focused on their jobs, and tonight, they wait breathlessly in hopes that one of the outtakes they found will be named Clip of the Year for 2018.”

And the esteemed nominees were: a British news blooper that caught someone carrying off a marijuana plant during a live broadcast about people growing marijuana, lady shaving her legs in a public pool, a Drake “In My Feelings” challenge gone awry, Little League World Series kid, and finally, some dude snoozing behind the wheel only to get woken up and promptly crash his vehicle into a pole.

But because there could only be one winner, “Break for Drake” was announced, and the ill-fated dancer even came in all the way from Boyton Beach, Florida — because where else would he be from — to accept the award.

Congrats America, we did it.