Jimmy Kimmel Suggests The Perfect Costume For Melania Trump To ‘Scare’ Donald (Hint: It’s A Certain Adult Film Star)

Melania Trump was spotted with her frequently-indicted husband Donald for the first time in seven months on Halloween. Spooky! The not-so-happy couple “partied it up with all the Mar-a-Lago ghouls,” host Jimmy Kimmel joked during Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, including a man carrying a blow-up doll and a Bang energy drink, for some reason. There was sadly no Diet Coke Button costume. Also sad: that Melania didn’t dress up as Stormy Daniels “just to mess with [Trump],” Kimmel joked. “It would be fun to maybe scare him a little. Maybe give him his first erection since January 6th.”

Later in the monologue, Kimmel covered every parent’s dream: to watch their children testify after being accused of fraud. On Wednesday, sniffly Donald Trump Jr. became the first member of the Trump family to take the witness stand after being named a defendant in the $250 million lawsuit brought by the New York attorney general’s office against the former president, his company, and several executives,” according to CNN. Next up: Eric and Ivanka.

Once Trump Jr. and Eric have testified, their loving father “will claim he’s never met either one of them,” Kimmel cracked.

You can watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live clip above.