George Santos Is Threatening To Sue Jimmy Kimmel Over His Cameo Video Requests

Jimmy Kimmel is used to disgraced politicians threatening to sue him. First, it was Donald Trump (or more specifically, Trump Media and Technology Group). Now, it’s former New York Rep. George Santos, who is not amused by the Jimmy Kimmel Live host’s Cameo video requests.

“We are writing to congratulate you — your ‘dream’ of being sued by Mr. Santos may indeed come true,” Santos’ lawyer Andrew Mancilla wrote to Kimmel, according to the New York Post. “While your comedic efforts are much appreciated, you should have obtained Mr. Santos’ consent, as he is not camera shy, nor is he blind to the comedic irony of suing you for fraud.”

On a recent episode of his late-night show, Kimmel revealed that he sent a “number of different ridiculous requests” to Santos, who was expelled from Congress for his many misdeeds. In one video, Kimmel asked Santos to congratulate his mom Brenda for cloning a dog. “Hey Brenda, I wanted to congratulate you on successfully cloning your beloved schnauzer, Adolf. I know it was a lot of trials and tribulations, but you finally did it… Now you get to enjoy Adolf and be happy, so give him a belly rub for me. Mwah.”

In the cease and desist letter, Santos’ lawyer told Kimmel and ABC that the fabulist ex-politician might get the last laugh in court over Kimmel’s “prank.”

“Such ‘pranks’ are frequently known by a different name in the legal community: fraud,” Mancilla charged. He called Kimmel a “sneaky little trickster” who may have earned “some hearty laughs” and boosted ratings, but claimed his actions “constitute fraudulent inducement, breach of contract and unjust enrichment as well as violations of New York State’s Civil Rights Law.

No wonder Santos posed for a photo with Lauren Boebert. They both feel personally (ahem) triggered by Jimmy Kimmel.

(Via the New York Post)