Jimmy Kimmel’s Annual Halloween Candy Prank Doesn’t Disappoint For 2017

Halloween is behind us and to celebrate another year of candy hoarding, pre-diabetes, and defiance of God, Jimmy Kimmel is back with the 2017 edition of his Halloween candy prank. Kimmel himself isn’t actually around to host, leaving Jennifer Lawrence with the honor of presenting the latest batch of clips featuring parents torturing their children by telling them they ate all of their Halloween candy. The nullified Trick or Treat hauls leave most of the kids devastated, prompting tears to flow and curse words to fly. There are less understanding kids this time around, far different from the reaction that Kimmel got from his own kid during Wednesday’s show.

Whether these are staged at this point or honest pranks by parents against their kids, the kids sell it all pretty well. The top clips are definitely the kid who wants to beat up Jimmy Kimmel, the kid who gives his mother the finger, and the little boy who responds to his father’s prank by punching him directly in the balls.

You could say that kids get away with everything these days, even if these are supposed to be fun pranks. Dropping the middle finger on my parents probably would’ve ended with me either in a hospital bed or walking down the streets of America like a young David Banner. These kids have no concerns and are even semi-viral television stars now.

Almost makes you wish someone truly did take their Halloween candy.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)