Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Matt Gaetz For Learning Nothing From Trump’s Alleged Sexual Misconduct Scandals

The Matt Gaetz scandal continues to be a treasure trove for late night hosts, thanks to what Stephen Colbert has called it’s “almost too Florida twists.” On Wednesday evening, Jimmy Kimmel took a crack at the latest revelations coming from the investigation, which is being aided by Gaetz’s indicted associate, who has reportedly been aiding prosecutors and proving copious amounts of receipts.

“The odds of Matt Gaetz going to prison are now higher than his hair,” Kimmel joked at the beginning of the segment where he lambasted Gaetz for clearly not paying attention to how his idol, Donald Trump, handles his sex scandals:

“Two women who say they were at these parties told CNN they saw Gaetz taking pills they assumed were party drugs, and he had sex with the women, after which money would change hands. That’s crazy. Has Matt Gaetz learned nothing from Donald Trump? You’re supposed to have your lawyer pay the women after you have sex with them. In secret!”

Jokes aside, Gaetz actually has been turning to Trump for help, and not getting much of it. The former president has reportedly refused to meet with Gaetz after his team warned him to steer clear of the scandal, which Trump has done for the most part. Last week, he did issue a very tame and lame statement denying that Gaetz had asked him for blanket pardon. The whole thing was barely two sentences long, which caused Kimmel to joke about how “sad” the situation is: “Matt Gaetz really was the son Donald Trump never had, even though he had a couple.”