Jimmy Kimmel Has His Own Prediction For The QAnon ‘Nuts’ Who Believe That Trump Will Retake The White House On March 4

Jimmy Kimmel went to town on the latest QAnon prophecy that claims Donald Trump will retake the White House on March 4, which used to be the traditional inauguration date for U.S. presidents. So already this theory has huge holes in it because it hinges on Trump knowing anything about American history. The late night host took time out of his Wednesday monologue to joke about “QAnuts” falling for yet another prediction after so many have failed. “Emperor Palpa-teeny Hands will strike back tomorrow, just like he was supposed to on Jan. 6,” Kimmel quipped before making a prediction of his own that definitely sounds way more plausible than anything Q can cook up. Via HuffPost:

“Donald Trump, make no mistake — and I’ll bet anything on it — will not be in the White House tomorrow,” he said. “He’ll be at Mar-a-Lago, berating the maid for leaving only one McNugget on his pillow.”

Kimmel also called out another Q prediction, which is somehow more detached from reality than the March 4 theory. This one claims that Trump will be inaugurated again on March 20, which will have give his secret forces enough time to round up the Pope — yup, the Pope — and other enemies of the state while Biden is “acting” as president. “So Biden is in on this, too?” Kimmel asked in mock disbelief before joking that he would love to be around these people the day after their predictions don’t come true. He then shared his amazement at how wrong these theories are because, usually, “you can always trust a man who wears the American flag as clothing.”

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)