JNCO Jeans Are Officially Making A Comeback

The fashion trend that MTV calls the “most questionable” of the 90s are ready to rise from the ashes and cover your legs once again. JNCO Jeans, the wide legged blue jean with the crazy art slapped all over, are officially making their comeback thanks to a Chinese investor and Guotai Litian CEO Andrew Jacouvou. The return will feature three core offerings or capsules: a fashion range, heritage range, and the core collection:

“The core collection features traditional styles including a knit jean with a slouchy fit; the fashion group has joggers with zip bottoms and a drawstring waist, and the heritage collection offers leg openings of 20 inches and 23 inches, with high waists. All of the product will feature JNCO’s crown logo.” (via)

There’s no set date for the return, but the company has their social engine up and running. There’s some slight information on what to expect at the official web site, but the Facebook and Instagram pages are where fans are sharing their own JNCO history alongside some tastes of what’s to come.

My favorite is probably this picture of “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan, really driving home the wide influence that JNCO once held on the public.

We thought we stopped judgment day from happening, but we only delayed it. Soon schools will be restricting them again and everything will be just like it was back in 1999.

(Via The Fader / MTV News)