Joe Biden Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

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We’ve been waiting patiently for BadLipReading‘s triumphant return, and they did not disappoint. After applying their dubbing skills to make Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, and Michelle Backmann say things only slightly less ridiculous than usual, they turn their attention to the other side of the aisle. This time Vice President Joe Biden gets the send up.

The amazing thing is, I could see Joe Biden rambling off about half of this stuff. Pretty sure they just replaced the audio in some of these clips with a guy quoting exactly what Biden really said. Tell me any of this doesn’t sound like the Joe we know:

“My cat got whammied, and a Mexican American did it. And although that is mildly racist, I will proceed.”

“Is this a Jeep? That’s a pancake.”

“My friends want to shave my behind. They’re putting ants into my behind. A parakeet is on my behind. Why are you people clapping? Thick concrete is up my behind! PIKACHU!”

“And I’ll get a couple of the girls to give us some back door relief. It’s not . . . it’s not good, but it’s tight.”

Yep, that’s the Vice President all right. We can recognize that folksy wisdom any day.



[Image credit: Delaware Online]

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