One Obama/Biden Bromance Meme Reigned Supreme And Had Joe Biden ‘Laughing For An Hour’

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By now, the Obama/Biden bromance meme that peaked at the end of 2016 has changed the way a generation looks at the duo forever. Gone are the days their partnership in the White House was taken seriously — we live in a world in which Obama and Biden’s every interaction caught by a photographer has the potential for hilarity. Even the somber moments that can bring a tear to your eye could be transformed into anything from a strange plot to annoy Trump to an exhausted Obama trying to calm down his best pal from letting the new administration how he really feels. That zany Joe! Obama just can’t get him to settle down. For example:

@Jbillinson wrote:

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Obama: Check pl-
Biden: Actually, we’ll take five more milkshakes and you can bill the White House on January 21st

But, according to his daughter Ashley Biden, there was one meme that reigned supreme above all. One which ended Joe Biden’s possible ice cream feast or longing to cure cancer. Supposedly, Biden “sat there for an hour and laughed,” afterreading this tweet by @TheDiLLon1:

“See? Doesn’t this feel right?”
“Joe I’m not leaving my wife for you.”
“You said we’d be together forev-”
“8 years. I said 8 years.”

It seems like “Cool” Joe Biden will always remain cool. It’s hard to picture this type of relationship between the current POTUS and VP, especially when it seems like Mike Pence’s general strategy is to do his work while pretending Trump doesn’t exist.

(via Moneyish)