A Majority Of Young Women Consider Their Partner Listening To Joe Rogan’s Podcast To Be A ‘Red Flag’

It’s official: Joe Rogan is bad for your love life.

A recent Change Research poll, made up of 1,033 registered voters between the ages of 18-34, found that 55 percent of women call their partner listening The Joe Rogan Experience a “red flag.” That’s ranked seventh, behind identifying as MAGA, having no hobbies, saying “All Lives Matter,” believing there are only two genders, never asking for details, and classifying as a communist. Only 35 percent of men have the same red flag about Rogan.

Other potential red flags include a partner refusing to see Greta Gerwig’s Barbie (53 percent for women, 31 percent for men), being really intro astrology (20 percent for women, 41 percent for men), and owning a gun (27 percent for women, 13 percent for men). Common ground was found on sending green texts, with seven percent for women and six percent for men.

As for green flags:

Among women surveyed, top green flags are potential partners who read, research the best deals and rates before buying, and say Black Lives Matter. Other green flags for women include prospective partners who look better in person (51%), take candid pictures (50%), and identify as liberal (39%).

Only seven percent of women consider their partner listening to The Joe Rogan Experience to be a good thing, compared to 25 percent for men. There needs to be this kind of poll for every podcast. Somehow, Doughboys would be a 100 percent red and green flag.

You can see the full findings here.

(Via Teen Vogue)