Joe Rogan Floated A Wild Theory About How Democrats Are Plotting To ‘Get Rid Of’ Biden By ‘Slowly’ Releasing ‘Stuff’

After experiencing a brief moment of reason on account of the Barbie movie, Joe Rogan is back to openly peddling conspiracy theories. This time around, Rogan is accusing Democrats of concocting a secret plot to get Joe Biden off the 2024 ticket by slowly releasing evidence of his “corruption.” The “corruption” that Rogan is talking about is, of course, the ongoing Republican investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

“I’m an armchair conspiracy theorist, but if I had to guess, I would say that all this stuff that’s coming out slowly but surely about Biden is on purpose. They want to get rid of him,” Rogan said via Mediaite. “I think he wants to run again. And I don’t think the Democrats think that he can win. I think they’re right. And I think they’re going to slowly but surely expose more of these like very clear pieces of evidence of corruption.”

Where Rogan’s theory falls apart is the fact that President Biden has yet to be implicated in Hunter’s foreign deals. In fact, the Republican’s latest witness, Devon Archer, testified that Biden never talked business with his son. So much for “very clear pieces of evidence.”

If that wasn’t enough to deflate Rogan’s theory, the podcaster later admitted that Biden can beat Trump again, which eliminates the need for the Democrats to “get rid of him.”

“The only way Biden’s going to win again is ‘Never Trump,'” Rogan said. “These ‘Never Trump’ people. There are people that will vote for a f*cking box of hammers before they would vote for Trump. And that’s a real segment of our population. I don’t know what percentages, but it’s probably fairly high.”

(Via Mediaite)