Watch Joe Scarborough Do His Best Yoda Impression While Discussing Paul Ryan’s ‘Jedi Council’

On Wednesday morning, the Morning Joe panel was discussing last week’s resignation of Tom Price, amid criticism of the health and human services secretary spending taxpayer dollars on private jets, and how Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has subsequently lost an ally in Price. Or as host Mika Brzezinski put it while reading the news, “and Ryan considered the former Georgia congressman a member of his ‘Jedi council,'” to her almost immediate confusion.

“Wait a second, hold on, hold on,” Joe Scarborough interjected. “If Tom Price is a member of your Jedi council, right? Then you lost the war a long time ago and your guys have been taking out Darth Vader’s trash for the last couple months.” “I’m sorry, I missed something,” said Brzezinski, as Scarborough continued to ponder about how Tom Price could be on anybody’s Jedi council. “What is a Jedi council?” she asked, clearly growing more confused. “I’m just gonna– What? Am I dumb? What, what? What is it?”

She finally put two and two together, asking if it was a “Star Wars thing,” to which her fiancee exasperatedly replied, “It’s a Star Wars thing! Yes! … And the thing, it’s real. Yoda’s in the middle, he’s like floating around, he’s like [doing the voice] ‘Mmm, mmm, fly too many jets, he does! Out of the Jedi council he is!'”

Anyway, if you have two minutes in your day, I highly recommend watching Joe Scarborough’s Yoda impression. If nothing else, it’s the best thing to have come from the near-constant shakeups in the White House.

(H/T, Joe Levine)