John Fetterman Is Not Mincing Words About MAGA Coup-Enabler Josh Hawley, Whose Soul He Says Is ‘Dipped In Dogsh*t’

Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman is a verified Shakespeare when it comes to crafting articulate, downright eloquent takedowns of the worst GOP members.

Take his recent Josh Hawley takedown for example. Fetterman, who just announced a prospective Senate bid, guested on a Daily Beast podcast recently and unloaded on the senator from Missouri who championed Trump’s Electoral College challenge. Speaking to host and former GOP campaign consultant Rick Wilson, Fetterman called out Hawley for refusing to recognize Pennsylvania’s electoral votes, and for at least indirectly inspiring the attack by MAGA supporters on Capitol Hill last week.

“You know, he went to Stanford and Yale Law,” Fetterman said when addressing Hawley’s actions last week. “He knows better than anybody that this is all garbage. And this is the point, and that’s what makes him so reprehensible. You know, I don’t care what your political beliefs are. If you’re willing to damage and endanger over your ambition, your soul is dipped in dogsh*t. I don’t know how else to say it.”

Hawley infamously supported challenging the electoral college votes, which certified that Joe Biden had been elected president, claiming there was enough evidence of voter fraud and malpractice by certain states to warrant an investigation. Of course, plenty of court judges disagreed with him, throwing out lawsuits from Trump’s legal team by an embarrassing amount, but that didn’t stop Hawley from continuing to dissent, even after domestic terrorists stormed the Capitol and appeared ready to hold Congress hostage in the hopes of keeping Trump in power.

But being told your “soul is dipped in dogsh*t” also feels like just the right insult for someone who threw a tantrum over losing his book deal after sparking a political coup. Let this be a lesson to all GOP clout-chasers: don’t invoke George Orwell if you’ve never read 1984 before.

(Via Daily Beast & RawStory)