Pennsylvania’s Beloved Lt. Gov. John Fetterman Is ‘Legitimately Overwhelmed’ By The Outpouring Of Donations For His Potential Senate Run

It was only a matter of time before Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor John Fetterman — the man whose recently excelled at roasting Trump and his cronies on all the major news networks — made a run for higher office, but even he didn’t expect the outpouring of support he got from the folks of his home state late last week.

Fetterman took to Twitter on January 8th, first retweeting an Inquirer article claiming he was eyeing a run for one of Pennsylvania’s Senate seats before expanding on his policy points and linking to a page where supporters could donate if they wanted to see Fetterman campaign for Congress. Presumably, Fetterman was going to gauge the temperature of a possible Senate campaign by the number of donations and response he got from the people of his home state.

Well, it looks like that number was so staggering that even Fetterman was a bit surprised by the fervor of his followers hoping to see him enact change on their behalf in Washington D.C. Fetterman again jumped on Twitter to marvel at how many people responded to his potential political bid and to thank the people of Pennsylvania for their support.

According to the Lt. Governor, in just 72 hours, 15,000 donors in almost every county in the state plus residents of every other state in the country, donated an average of $33 to his campaign. In the first three days, he had raised over $500,000. The support for Fetterman comes, in large part, because of his fearlessness in calling out GOP members who continue to support (or as he calls it, “simp”) for President Trump, even as the pandemic spirals out of control and MAGA rioters attempt a coup on Capitol Hill. Fetterman was a clear, level-headed voice in Pennsylvania during the chaotic aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, despite encountering resistance from Republican lawmakers in his state. He’s also proudly progressive, even getting in trouble with the state’s GOP-led legislature for flying marijuana flags (he’s pro-legalization) and Pride flags from his office balcony.

In other words, he’s Republicans’ worst nightmare, so it makes sense so many people want to fund his trip to Capitol Hill right now.