Jon Stewart Blasts People Criticizing Obama For Spiking Bin Laden The Football

05.02.12 2 Comments

Today is another one of those days that I had to spend part of my morning watching the Daily Show while working because I missed it last night. And boy am I glad I did, because it featured one of those epic TDS takedowns that make me and so many others loyal devotees of the show.

The victims on the receiving end last night? Republicans! And, of course, their Fox News propaganda machine, which are working in cahoots to try to shame President Obama into not making the killing of Bin Laden on his watch into a presidential campaign issue. Oh, but unfortunately there’s video footage of stuff like President Bush landing on an aircraft carrier in a flightsuit declaring “Mission Accomplished” at the inception of a decade-long war. And many other hypocritical things that the Daily Show staff gleefully dug up for our entertainment. Enjoy it all in the two segments below!

Here’s part one…

And here’s part two…

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