Jon Stewart Roasted The Most Combative Member Of ‘Shark Tank’ (‘Mr. Wonderful’) With A Spot-On Horror Movie Reference

Jon Stewart’s eventful return to The Daily Show has already led down a number of paths, all of them racking up viewership for the long-lived Comedy Central/Paramount show. Those turns have been both fiery and bitterwsweet, but overall, seeing Stewart back in his old stomping grounds appears to roll out as naturally for him as it feels for the audience.

Well, there’s also the fact that the U.S. is in more chaos than it was back when he initially departed the program in 2015. And chaos is certainly the vibe when a member of Shark Tank is weighing in on political scandal and landing on cable news while doing so. Kevin O’Leary, who calls himself “Mr. Wonderful” and who famously gets into the most squabbles with his fellow Sharks, decided to weigh in on a fellow “billionaire,” Donald Trump, regarding his NY civil fraud verdict. As you are surely aware, the ex-president is intent upon appealing while labeling an appeal bond as “unconstitutional,” and O’Leary recently appeared on CNN, where he stated that Trump’s behavior has been “done by every real estate developer everywhere on Earth in every city.”

O’Leary’s claim was that Trump shouldn’t be prosecuted if every other real estate developer supposedly gets away with (alleged) insurance fraud and the like, and Stewart (after the 7:30 mark above) wasn’t really too shocked, referencing O’Leary as a “guy who’s such an a-hole… wait.. that even the other people on Shark Tank think he’s an a-hole.”

Stewart then ran a clip of O’Leary scolding a Shark Tank contestant over the overvaluation of their product, and that wasn’t all. The host continued to chide Rude Shark over his inference that white collar crime in the name of real estate shouldn’t be prosecuted: “There is a theory and law that if enough people commit a crime, it automatically becomes legal. You’re familiar with The Purge, are you not?”

You can watch the full video above.