The Only Joseph Gordon-Levitt GIF You’ll Ever Need

When you spend as much time on Tumblr as I do you start noticing that the swoonage going on for dudes like JGL has reached preposterous levels. I mean, I get it. He’s a talented guy. Ever since he first started making it on the feature film scene a few years back my thoughts have escalated from “The kid with the hair from 3rd Rock?” to “Holy sh*t that was him in Angels in the Outfield” to “He might be legit” to “Kinda love this guy.”

But only if there were one definitive Joseph Gordon-Levitt GIF to keep the ladies at bay and me not exhausted every time I exit it #Celebs. Well, I think the above work of art from Panty Fire (name = appropriate) does the trick. OK, everyone? Can we get back to making Christina Hendricks GIFs now?

Source: Panty Fire