Josh Hawley Got Dragged After He Proposed Anti-Critical Race Theory Legislation Called The ‘Love America Act’

Josh Hawley has been one of the break-out stars of the Republican party this year, and for good reason: He’s one of the chief lawmakers accused of helping foment the failed insurrection of Jan. 6. Since then he’s followed a predictable trajectory: acting as though he did nothing wrong and occasionally saying something that gets him mocked on social media. On Friday he had a doozy.

The Missouri Senator joined many in his party in loudly denouncing Critical Race Theory, which seeks to teach students that America has a racist history that continues to impact its present. Republicans have countered that by, basically, offering a whitewashed version of the nation’s past. But Hawley went one step further: He proposed legislation.

“The Left wants to teach our kids that America is systemically racist. That’s false and it’s meant to divide,” Hawley wrote on Twitter. “It’s time to replace lies with the truth! America is a great nation of good people – and our kids should be proud of that. That’s why I’m introducing the Love America Act.”

Hawley was short on details, but his bill would “require schools that get federal tax dollars to teach kids the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution & Bill of Rights, and the Pledge.” (Schools already do this, incidentally.) He added, “No more critical race theory. No more hate. Let’s teach our kids what unites us as Americans – what we love together. Let’s teach them the truth.”

Should Hawley go through with this act — which, again, forces schools to teach things…they already teach — it would be one of dozens of bills targeting CRT. But social media inevitably shot it down.

Some mocked its name (and, of course, Hawley himself).

Some thought it sounded suspiciously like what is done in less democratic nations.

Others proposed similar-but-different acts.

Celebrities weren’t having it either.

And some reminded Hawley that a “Love America Act” is rich from someone who goaded on Trump supporters who stormed a federal building.